Another exciting announcement for Digital 51 today.

When Digital 51 was launched we wanted to put our brand, content, and ideas at the forefront of our offering. We wanted to communicate, to stand out and we wanted to do this, by sharing ideas, thoughts, and concepts through channels such as LinkedIn and our amazing website.

Since opening the doors to Digital 51 back in March 2021, we are thrilled that our business has grown and become busier with each day. It’s this growth which has made us put up our hand and say, ‘we need some help.’

Digital 51 is excited to welcome Chloe Brown to the team for at least the next 4 weeks as our Marketing intern. Chloe is currently studying a MSc in Marketing and Management at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and is now lending us her marketing expertise. Chloe will be working to produce content and keep up our engagement, as we admit when the day job is busy, sometimes we let things slip. No more slipping with Chloe on the case!

Chloe is a University of Hertfordshire graduate who completed her degree in Journalism and Creative writing before tackling her current master’s degree in marketing and management. Chloe has a passion for writing and was looking for the opportunity to test her marketing skills following the completion of a ‘boot camp’ at Cambridge marketing agency Sookio in summer 2020.

That’s where Digital 51 came in.

Always one with something to say, this is what Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51 said about hiring Chloe as a marketing intern:

“I am absolutely thrilled to have Chloe join Digital 51 as our Marketing intern! Personally, I do the best I can to keep our marketing machine working, however things are getting busier and I needed some help. I wanted to offer work experience to a student at one of the fantastic Universities we have on our doorstep, Chloe absolutely fitted the bill. I am so excited to work with Chloe; hopefully she can learn from us, I know we will learn from her!”

On accepting the challenge of being the sixth person to enter the Digital 51 fray Chloe said:

“I am so excited to join the team at Digital 51. When Simon first reached out to me on LinkedIn, I was quite surprised that I has stood out to him among others. I am so passionate about marketing and writing, hopefully that shines through and impresses the team! I know I will definitely be learning a lot.”

Over the next four weeks Chloe we’ll be helping Digital 51 with what we do best: communicating! If anything, Chloe with be making sure we do more of it!

Welcome to the team Chloe!