At Digital 51 we talk a lot about our partnership model. Whether it be helping someone find their next career move, targeting and approaching people on behalf of businesses looking to grow, or delivering multiple hires to a business over an agreed time period. We like to do it all through a partnership approach. Shared values, shared goals, shared respect of each party, and honesty, all are important to us.

However, it’s not just externally that these things matter to us. At Digital 51 we also want to partner with people and organisations who can help us achieve our goals. For us that also means a partnership approach to those who work with us. We don’t see our CRM provider as a supplier, our video technology provider as a supplier, or those individuals we use to help us create the look and brand we want, as suppliers. They are partners, they have to see what we are trying to achieve and add value to it. They have to be passionate about our goals and why these things are important to us, they have to take an interest, and most important they need to be honest about how they can help us achieve our goals.

It therefore gives us great pride to be able to confirm our training partner for 2022 in Jeremy Snell and the team at Zero Entropy Networks. Many people kick off the new year with a new personal training plan to help them maybe lose that holiday weight, or just get fitter. So, we decided to do the same with our recruitment skills ! We knew coming into 2022 we want to grow. We need to grow, we are going to grow. We also believe in talent which will develop and evolve over time, we are not looking for the ‘finished article.’

Digital 51 was launched on a starting block of five experienced recruitment professionals, which would then allow us to add in talent which can grow into their roles. However we can’t do this alone, we need help, so approaching Jeremy and the team at Zero Entropy made complete sense.

Today following weeks of planning we kick off Boot Camp 51, a bespoke 12 weeks training program which everyone who joins Digital 51 will benefit from. This morning we have 6 people taking part in our Boot Camp, which is a 12 week plan delivering the best in recruitment, people and talent training virtually, on-demand, and in person. Each week a live session will provide inspire, support, and development tasks specific to where Digital 51 is as a business, the markets we work in, and the team we are proud to have.


On confirming this partnership Simon Brown of Digital 51 said:


‘To put it bluntly I am absolutely buzzing to kick this partnership off!

I have always known that I wanted a training partner to support the business, and have been speaking and bouncing ideas off Jeremy since before Digital 51 even launched. There was never any question of using anyone else, it was more about when and how.

What I love about the program we have designed is that it’s got that Boot Camp vibe from the setup, to the content, it’s about pushing yourself to succeed. It’s so fresh. This is not stale training delivered in a room which you go off and no-one ever hears about again. This is high energy, use up some calories and get stuck in territory!

The the Boot Camp will take place virtually, in person, but most importantly via an ‘on-demand’ mechanism, and again this feels so in-tune with how we work at Digital 51. I honestly can’t wait to get started!’


On the opportunity to partner with Digital 51 Jeremy said:


‘It’s a genuine privilege to be involved with Digital 51 and their Boot Camp. From initial briefing meeting through to the stress testing of every component, the Boot Camp has been built to equip people with the skills and philosophies to succeed in this digital world. 

The insistence from Simon and Adrienne to build something best-in-class was made easier by the Digital 51 story – you can’t help feeling inspired by the brand and what it stands for. Bringing this to life through the learning journey is important, as the standards we set in the Boot Camp need to ensure Digital 51 continues to wow customers at every step.

The first 10 hires in a business set the true culture of the organization. This isn’t just a Boot Camp we’ve built. It’s the catalyst to create the culture of the business, based on the DNA of the Digital 51 values. I’m excited to be involved at such a formative stage.’


Today is day one of the Boot Camp, the team are excited, Jeremy has the coffee on and strong, we can’t wait to see this partnership develop over the next 12 weeks and beyond.

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