‘You’re joining a start-up in the middle of a global health pandemic?!’

To be honest the opening response of my friend when I told them my news in February 2021 was not a surprise to me.

‘Absolutely’ was my response, which continued to be a surprise to them, even more so when I said I was really excited to join Digital 51, a start-up digital recruitment agency in a pandemic.

Let me explain why.

  1. The Opportunity

2020 undoubtedly saw the world in crisis. The Chinese word for crisis carries two elements; both danger and opportunity, and this is how I chose to see the offer to join Digital 51, as an opportunity. I would describe myself as having three main character traits; relentless positivity, I am fiercely competitive and a risk taker. When I was presented with the possibility of joining an exciting start-up like Digital 51 I felt my traits matched the opportunity. To work in such an exciting and expanding digital space, combined with the positivity from the three founders made my decision easy.

  1. The People

People have played a key part in my decision making. I have worked alongside Simon Brown, Adi Howlett and Alex Hall previously, I know this is a team that will support, listen, and learn from each other to undoubtedly make Digital 51 a success. I trust these people.

Alongside the lure to join my ex-colleagues was the excitement of partnering with businesses and people who thrive in the digital world. As a Javascript partner I will be working with some of the most creative and talented people across the digital space. I’m inspired by these people.

Finally, I am surrounded by great family and friends, people who believe in me. My son and partner deserve me at my best and I know in joining Digital 51 I will be building a future they will be proud of. These people drive me.

People matter.

  1. Freedom

In the modern workplace, culture and environment are key contributors to a successful team. Remote working has been a prominent topic over the past 12 months, whether this be enforced or chosen, flexibility has happened from necessity. When joining Digital 51 I was presented with a different view of the world, a view I had never seen or experienced before. Total fluidity, total freedom and total autonomy.  I can work from wherever I want, literally anywhere. I have all the equipment, all the access and most importantly the trust to work how, when and when I see fit. Yes, there is a fantastic workspace in our ‘hub’ but whether I go there or not is down to me.

Combined with this I have UNLIMITED, yes I said UNLIMITED annual leave. I actually have no idea what I will do with this amazing benefit, and there will be many reading this thinking ‘well you can’t go anywhere.’ But to be honest if that is what you are thinking, you are missing the point. Covid will pass, the pandemic will pass, and when it does I will have the freedom to make the choices I want to balance my work and life.

Digital 51 wants to push the boundaries and challenge the norm, this is reflected in their approach and I love it.

So yes, I am joining a start-up in a pandemic, without hesitation. The opportunity, the people, and the environment are all in place for this to be a success and we will thrive!

What did my friend say?

‘Is there room for one more?!’