Digital 51 is excited to confirm Sonus PR as the latest business to embrace the digital recruitment agency as their newest talent partner.

Since launching in March 2021, Digital 51 has offered a range of real solutions to businesses who are looking to grow against one of the most challenging talent backdrops in a generation. At the heart of Digital 51’s offering is a belief and product based on working in true partnership with an organisation. This exclusive agreement sees a business harness the knowledge of their offering, and passion of their business combined with the power, recruitment expertise, and outreach that Digital 51 lives for.

Digital 51 is proud to confirm the latest business to embrace this model is Sonus PR.

Founded by Martin Smith in 2003, Sonus PR represents organisations who live and breathe the things which Digital 51 is also passionate about; creativity, communication, and technology. Sonus PR is a market leading PR and creative communications agency that specialises in the fascinating world of ‘deep tech.’ Sonus PR is not trying to ensure you know about the latest and greatest TV that is on the market, they are working with a range of leading organisations whose technology will change the way we live our lives in the future.

At the heart of the Digital 51 vision is working with people who use their passion for technology to change the way we live in the physical world. Sonus PR, and the businesses they partner with, are this embodiment of this vision.

Whether it be 5G, cyber-security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, or a sending rockets into space, Sonus PR has a truly unique service offering across public relations and communications in this field.

Stating in June 2022 Digital 51 will be partnering with Sonus PR in what is hoped to be the first of many hiring projects across 2022 and beyond, as Sonus PR look to grow their team.

The first of these projects sees Digital 51 look to grow Sonus PR’s Account Director team across the UK and United States. With a passion and belief for remote working, Sonus PR currently has a UK team spread across the country, with the same represented on the ground across the United States.

Digital 51 is excited to work across both territories as they look to grow Sonus PR’s team across both sides of the Atlantic. Hires will be made in the UK and USA as part of this first project.

Outlining how pleased he was about this new partnership, Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51 said:

‘I could not be happier to be working in partnership with Martin and the team at Sonus PR. It is a cliché to say our businesses have such fantastic synergies, but they really do, you’ll just have to trust me on that! I love that this project will see us hire across the United States, and also in the UK. I love that Martin is not leading a remote-first business because it’s the thing to do, but because he believes in it. Lastly, I have loved already taking a glimpse behind the curtain of how Sonus PR use technology and data at the heart of their offering. Their approach really does feel unique.’

On partnering with Digital 51 as their talent provider Martin Smith, Founder, and Managing Director of Sonus PR said:

‘Part of what attracted us to Digital 51 is that they have a plan that goes way beyond the standard ‘seeing who is on their books’ or ‘reaching out to a few people’. They have an approach and a methodology that is a fit for the times we live in. It is much more thoughtful, more pro-active and more engaging than I have seen elsewhere. We have high hopes for the relationship and we look forward to making our first set of hires through them.’

For more information on this partnership, or to find out more about Digital 51’s partnership offering please contact Simon Brown on