Right Boris has just finished speaking and in 24 hours the team re due to go on the first Christmas outing in the history of Digital 51 as a business.

Granted a Christmas party is something that many people look forward to, but at the end of the day it’s also not a ‘must happen or the world will end’ event. So, we understand that sorting out whether it was happening or not will no be news to many, but you’re here now, so why not read on?

This was the backdrop which we faced last Thursday night as the Prime Minister gave his most important update, since, well the last update in relation to Covid 19. We all know what happened and what Boris said, but for us it came 24 hours before our self-branded ’12 hours of Christmas.’

This was our first run at Christmas, and we’d already taken a setback with the sad news that our very own Lauren Parsons would not be able to join the festivities due to her household being hit with the mother of all colds. The rest of the team however were looking forward to the event planned across a day in London on Friday 10th of December.

In reality the solution was easy, we jumped on our morning huddle the next day, everyone shared any concerns and their thoughts, with each person deciding whether they wanted to attend or not. It was a short meeting, we were going, London here we come, Christmas party 2021 full steam ahead.

The only caveat? No public transport once we arrived in London. That was the challenge as no-one fancied the tube and Simon refuses to get on the bus for reasons no-one really understands. This meant plenty of walking; everyone likes a walk right?! The main points of interest to consider on said walk however are:

  • All trains arriving at Liverpool Street
  • A hotel (individual rooms for Covid safety) just off Westminster Bridge
  • Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park
  • Gordon Ramsay restaurant off Piccadilly for dinner
  • Drinks at Cahoots off Carnaby Street
  • Back to hotel – Westminster Bridge
  • Train back from Liverpool Street


All of a sudden, the Christmas party felt like a fitness challenge!

On Friday the team touched 30,000 steps as they completed the monster of all London loops whilst taking in the beautiful Southbank, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, and eventually Winter Wonderland. With Simon narrating the journey like a poor man’s tour guide the trip was certainly ‘entertaining!’ New team member Kirstie Baldanza who joined the business just two days before dazzled everyone with her bizarre, yet fascinating knowledge of flags. Yes, you read correctly, country flags. When you walk round London there are more flags on show than you realise in her defence!

There is no doubt Winter Wonderland was the main attraction for Friday however, and the team certainly enjoyed it. Lewis Malton’s desire to go on all rides was impressive, Adrienne’s fearless approach to matching that challenge was surprising and one she attacked with her usual ‘gusto.’ Hollie can tell you in a variety of ways (excuses) why her one trip, on one ride ended all other rides for her day………………

We are still to work out if Simon will ever go on any ride, ever. His ability to dodge all rides was only beaten by the news that on sharing a portion of churros with Craig, they were in-fact Simon’s first ever taste of the Spanish sugar coated treat, HOW?!

All in all, although very cold, it was all outside, a couple of drinks along the way kept everyone warm, and a thoroughly good day out was had by all.

Next up it was time for a pit-stop, change, freshen up, and then dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen. What can we say? The food was fantastic, the cocktails were very Grey Goose themed, all washed down with some laughs and a nice glass or two of wine. To summarise:

  • Lewis got his steak.
  • Adrienne continues to obsess over anything with truffle in it.
  • Simon continues to smell and taste wine when it arrives at the table, even though he’s had neither sense since being an early Covid adopter in March 2020!
  • Hollie went double pasta main, something we are still processing.


Last but not least it was time for something a little different, something fun filled; Cahoots! For those that have not been to the wartime cocktail speakeasy tucked in the shadows of Carnaby Street, it’s Gatsby meets Darkest Hour, mixed down with amazing drinks, in even more amazing receptacles! To summarise:

  • Hollie started to slow.
  • Lewis started to smile, a lot.
  • Simon started to twitch at a 10-minute waiting period for his drink.
  • Adrienne and Craig now only drink gin from teacups.


All in all the team had a brilliant 12 hours and made it back to the hotel safe and sound, then landed back on their respective trains after completing nearly 50,000 steps the following day. Is this the fittest recruitment party ever?!

Christmas parties in whatever form you decide to take and deliver them are important. They are more than just a piss-up on the company account we believe. They are the chance to get together, celebrate, have some laughs, and relax away from the coal face of work.

We are glad the team decided to go ahead with theirs, we think they deserve it after a fantastic start to their Digital 51 careers in 2021.

Now it’s time for the last 10 days of the year, all hands-on deck, finishing strong, whilst setting up for a brilliant start in 2022.

What was our favourite part of the Christmas party? Hearing the guys talk about just how many people they think will be at next years party!

2022 growth plans anyone?!

This article was written by the Digital 51 ghost of Christmas present to ensure all identifies were protecting in the sharing of stories within this article.