A good year that gets even better.

We started with a goal, a mission, and a belief around working in partnership with people and businesses who believe in two things:

  1. The beautiful and inspiring power of people. People are amazing and capable of anything, we know this, we believe this, we wanted to find people who agreed.
  2. Digital technology has the power to change our lives. From smartphone applications to the look feel and accessibility of products, the power to positively impact lives is now unrivalled.


We work differently. We work exclusively, and in partnership to take responsibility for delivering multiple hire projects across Product, Creative and Technology for growing business. Our passion is Tech for Good organisations who are looking to scale. We also thrive and adore the creative agency space for everything it stands for and offers people. But our beliefs are not enough, we need people to come with us on the journey. It is no good a business asking us to fill six roles for them, the roles being thrown over the wall, and Digital 51 just being left to fill the roles. No, we want to offer the recruitment, attraction and engagement expertise, but we want to do that with the business we are partnering with. We want to represent them, guide them, support them and ultimately leave them in a better place that we found them.

We also don’t want to be in place forever.

You read correctly. Our solution is not Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO,) where you award us a three-year all-consuming contract and we sit back getting lazy on your growth. We want to be out in 9 months. If not out, then we certainly want to be evolving during that time, so you as a business who is growing get to a place where you don’t need us.

We thrive on injecting success, energy and passion into your recruitment process, whilst helping you be in more positive position at the end of the project. Our partnerships are projects.

We are therefore extremely proud, pleased and thrilled to announce that we have signed one of our largest and most important partnerships to date in the past seven days.

Starting on Monday the 22nd of November, Digital 51 are proud to be partnered with Prenetics as they look to grow their UK offering across Product, Marketing and Technology.

This six-month project will see Digital 51 exclusively represent, support, partner, and recruit some amazing people to join an equally amazing business.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the hard work and passion of Craig Fenn and Adrienne Howlett, who worked with Prenetics to deliver contingent recruitment solutions, which then led to the signing of this partnership agreement.

Who are Prenetics? Well as their VP of Marketing James Wynn-Higgins said in a recent interview with Digital 51;

‘Prenetics are the best kept Unicorn secret in the UK.’

A bio-tech business with true global presence from Hong Kong, to South Africa, London and the USA, Prenetics was identified as having a $1.7bn valuation by CNBC earlier in 2021.

Prenetics are the definition of health-technology, whether it be their current market leading Covid and DNA testing, used by The Premier League, Disney and Virgin Atlantic, to their product roadmap for the coming 24 months. They live, breathe and create health solutions underpinned by cutting edge technology. As for a business which wants to scale and grow? Their plans for the UK in 2022 and nothing short of inspiring.

When talking about the award of this fantastic project, and partnership to Digital 51, Co-Founder of the business Adrienne Howlett said;

‘This feels like a game changing contract for Digital 51. The size, scale, and way Prenetics want to work is exactly what we dreamt of when we opened the doors to our business. Working in partnership with Prenetics over the past 10 weeks has been amazing. We challenge each other, we engage each other, and most importantly we believe in each other. I could not be happier and more excited by this agreement.’

Over the next 4 weeks we will be telling you more about Prenetics, the partnership we have with them, and why we think you should be speaking to us about joining this amazing organisation.

This project is a further validation that the world of recruitment and talent is going through it’s biggest period of change in over a decade. The chance to have real impact has never been better. We will continue to play our part and drive the beliefs we have on this.

This article was written by Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51. To hear more about Digital 51’s approach to working in partnership please contact Simon or Adrienne on