It was 15 year ago that I read my first CV from a recruitment perspective. A woman walked in off the street with 5 printed copies of her CV, and it was my turn to do a registration.

I cannot believe that 15 years on the majority of recruitment, hiring and talent decisions still start with and rely on that same document. The only difference now is whether it’s a Word, PDF or Canva created document.

When I read that CV 15 years ago, smart-phones, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Zoom and YouTube either did not exist or were in their infancy. Most people reading this, will be an active user of at least one of these platforms today. I will go one step further; they will be using these platforms exclusively for video.

With such advancements in the use of video technology, even more so during the past 12 months, I find myself constantly asking; how has recruitment, hiring and talent not lead the way with this? How are we still working off CV’s?

Today Digital 51 are proud to announce an investment in our belief that video interviewing, screening and technology should sit at the heart of the recruitment, hiring and talent life cycle.

We believe video technology can and will improve the user experience for those looking to hire and those looking for their next role. It will help you stand out and it will help truly promote who and what you stand for. We are proud to announce a partnership with Odro, the market leader in our opinion when it comes to all things video and the recruitment process.

Lets stop talking about how many pages a CV should be and instead hear directly from people about their journey, their story and their life experience. Lets personalise and humanise the recruitment process for every person involved.

We started Digital 51 to do the things we believe in; this is a further demonstration of our commitment to live up-to that challenge.

For more information on how video can improve your hiring or job search please contact the team on