The Hub at Digital 51 is buzzing today. Buzzing with excitement. Buzzing with energy. Buzzing with opportunity.

You may have recently seen the updates from Simon and the team as they celebrated our first international project, which was delivered by Craig Fenn. This was an acorn, and actually just us helping out a London based client who had an international problem. Does that make us international super-heroes?! We’ll let you decide that.

They say from acorns come oak trees, is this actually, really, true?! Anyway, whilst we are by now means turning our back on the UK or looking to push further into international waters at this point. We are absolutely thrilled to announce we have been approached for a second international project by another of our partner clients.

This project is much larger in terms of the geographical area we are cover and is also split into two parts.

Adrienne Howlett will be leading the search for a Global Health Tech business who are passionate about the power of technology to improve peoples lives with respect to mental health. It’s not just that this project takes us international for the second time in two months, or that this business is seriously scaling as they gain further investment in the development of their cutting-edge product. We love what this business is trying to do and the impact their product is already having. Mental health without stating the obvious matters, it matters a lot.

So what are we going to be looking for and where are we looking?

Stage one will see Adrienne looking to secure the next Vice President of Product to work directly with the Founder of the business along with the existing Technology team to growth, scale, and develop the existing product

This role will be based remotely in either Dubai, London or New York and is where our search will be centred.

Adrienne will also be looking for a Non-Executive Director to working on a 121 basis with the Founder. This is a really exciting opportunity for a product leaning Non-Executive Director to support and influence the shape of the product path. We love the honesty of the Founder that they need and want external Director level support with the product to complement their existing skills.

More information will be released in the coming days, but if you would like to know more about this opportunity or anything within our product portfolio, please contact Adrienne on

We will of course keep you posted as things develop with this project, next step New York? Maybe.