React native Engineer < £80,000

It can often sound like a cliche to hear about businesses that was formed by an owner who ‘had nothing’ and built if from the ground up. It is not until you look inside Foodhub you see what this really means. Foodhub was the idea of Ardian Mula, who taught himself to code on a laptop that was handed down to him, which developed a passion for technology. That technology now drives a global Tech business, which Ardian still leads from the front every-day.

Many Developers and Engineers will be able to relate starting their coding journey this way. Imagine joining a global business, where the founder can relate through person experience.

Technology sits at the heart of who and what Foodhub are. They are business which operates across the hospitality sector, whether you be a restaurant, or the newest pop-up takeaway. Foodhub is fast becoming the new kid on the block when it comes to the online portal for consumers and businesses alike.

Foodhub is a consumer focused technology platform, that is what makes is so popular. Combined with this consumer focused approach Foodhub also charges ZERO commission to users which means they get all the benefits of the service, for FREE.

Digital 51 are proud to partner with Foodhub as they now enter what can only be described as hyper-growth mode.

What sits at the centre of this hyper-growth and why do we think this is exciting for you? One word – Technology.

Foodhub currently has a business offering and team which spans the globe. This current growth project is about building out the UK team further.

Digital 51 will be recruiting for Foodhub across many areas of their Digital and Technology offering, but today we would like to talk specifically about React Native Engineering opportunities at Foodhub.

We hope you find the details below informative, but most importanty we hope this makes you want to hear more about joining a fantastic business in Foodhub.

The Company & The Role

Foodhub are a global technology platform which makes ordering your favourite food wherever you are; home, the office, or out with friends easier than it has ever been. 

A consumer focused offering is driven by one thing; the power of it’s technology to deliver.

Foodhub are in hyper-growth mode and as part of that growth we are looking for TWO React Native Engineers who specialise in working within a React Native environment to join the business.

Foodhub currently has a global staffing based, with the UK headquarters in the heart of the North-West of England. These hires will see a commitment from the CEO to grow the UK Development team throughout 2022 and beyond, it is these hires which will faciliate growth across the UK and European markets specifically.

We are looking for React Native Engineers who are fundamentally driven by high quality and reliability,

React Native specialists with a passion for working with native iOS or Andriod applications and clean code.

Click below to see Simon Brown of Digital 51 talking to Deon Moodley CTO at Foodhub about Technology stacks at Foodhub. Then check out Adrienne Howlett diving a little deeper into why now is a great time to join Foodhub.

Job Role & Responsibilities

Write well-documented, clean Javascript code.

Participate in the entire application lifecycle, with a core focus on development.

Leverage native APIs [Android & iOS] for deep integrations with both platforms.

Create Technical Requirements Documentation based on Product Requirement

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features.

Unit-test the codes for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general

Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.

The Successful person will have

Expertise in working with React Native iOS/Android applications with clean code.

Leveraging native APIs for interactions with iOS and Android.

Understanding of RESTful APIs and working with API centrist applications.

Sourcing control background with Git or similar.

Working knowledge of native tools, like XCode and Gradle.

Completed publishing on the Play Store.

Excellent time management skills.

Excellent communication skills.

A team first mindset, someone who knows the power of collaboration.



A salary of up-to £80,000 per year.

Full remote working.

Access to travel to Foodhub locations across the world.

Don't take our word for the power of this tech......

Check out this fantastic feedback from a business which is using and benefiting from partnering with Foodhub. This is the power of the technology you could be working on!

Next steps ...

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