If I had to sum up what I would like to achieve with Digital 51 in the next 12 months one word continually springs to mind, ahead of all others.


  • We want growth of people; put simply can we treble in size in the next 12 months?
  • We  want growth of ownership; put simply can we create an environment where everyone in the business reaps the rewards of the success they are creating?
  • We want growth of community; put simply can we double the size of Product 51 to 500 active community members?
  • We want growth of content; put simply can we produce more podcasts, more articles, more videos of the things we believe in?
  • We want growth of engagement; 10,000 Digital 51 followers, plain and simple.
  • We want growth in process; what can we automate, not to replace the human experience of partnering with Digital 51 but enhance our offering.
  • We want growth in partnerships; put simple more people and organisations who know the old ways of recruitment are not fit for the modern world, and want to be part of something different.


Most importantly for me personally I want to be surrounded by people who are driven by growth, inspired by growth, excited by growth, and know how to make it happen.

It’s time for us to get a growth Guru into Digital 51.

It’s time to get some help.

We know what we want to achieve, we know why we want to achieve these things, we know the impact they will have on out business. We don’t however know the best way to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead of us, whilst also running the business.

It therefore gives me unbelievable pleasure and pride to announce the first strategic advisor to work in partnership with Digital 51. Someone who can help guide, drive, and support our desire to hit our goals. Someone who really is the original Guru.

Digital 51’s growth Guru is none other than the original Guru; Farooq Mohammed.

Farooq and I met only two short years ago. The journey we have been on since then, the values that we share,  the admiration I have for Farooq and everything he has achieved in his career, make this decision the easiest I have made since opening Digital 51.

Farooq started, built, grew, and ultimately sold a global digital recruitment powerhouse from a room above a TV repair shop with two friends. What started out as three friends with a dream of becoming the best digital recruitment business in London ended up with 100 people spread across offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Dubai, an Sydney.

A true Guru, a true growth specialist, and just the person we need in our team.

Farooq will work directly with myself and Adrienne to ensure we are looking up, looking forward, and chasing our goals. Farooq will also help us dream BIGGER. I have never met anyone with the level of ambition when it comes to recruitment, talent, and growth as Farooq. He is continually pushing me to think bigger, and that is what I need.

Why does Farooq want to partner with Digital 51? Well, I asked him and this is what he said:

‘What do I look at before working with any business and associating myself with a brand? The first thing you look for is world class people – Digital 51 have that in abundance, secondly – do they have the passion and desire to be the best? Have you met Simon, Adrienne, and the team?! Finally, do they want to do something special, and not just be run of the mill? When I look at what Digital 51 has achieved in their first year, I can already see this is a business well on its way to making a huge difference in the recruitment landscape. Just look at their brand impact in year one, when did you last see that?! Frankly, I am absolutely buzzing to even be associated with this brand and cannot wait to get started.’

The acquisition of Farooq to the business is just the start for Digital 51. You know we are on the growth path with our new business in London. If you work in recruitment or talent in London, or would like to, why are you not reaching out to us to hear more about our plans?!

Digital 51 is on the path to growth, one Guru secured, who’s next?

This article was written by Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51. You should be speaking to Simon about the growth plans Digital 51 currently has, so what are you waiting for? Drop Simon a line on to hear more.