Head of Development < £100,000

Have you noticed everything is ‘Tech for Good’ these days? Don;t get us wrong, we love T4G organisations at Digital 51, however we see inside enough business to know that some do like to throw the title round, rather than live and breathe it.


490 business in the UK are defined as existing for social good, this is the profit making arm of the Tech for Good Sector. The only sector which is bigger, is the non-for profit and charity sector.

Why does this even matter?

Well it’s the backdrop to this opportunity, this business, and the organsiation Digital 51 are proud to be partnered with.

Healthunlocked is a business which uses Tech at it’s core for positive reasons. Over 1.4 million people around the world who suffer from a range of conditions use the platform to connect with others. Going one step further there are over 500 communities both online and offline around the world, which again use Healthunlocked at their platform of choice.

HealthUnlocked is a social network that brings together people with the same health condition or well-being needs to share experiences, answer each other’s questions and access information and resources

Technology sits at the heart of this offering, which makes this role one of the most important the business will recruit, ever.

Head of Development for Healthunlocked is not just a great role due to the role of the platform in improving many people’s lives, but also as it will drive the long term commercial success of the business.

This is a truly unique opportunity, and one where the label of Tech for Good really does apply.

Find out more about this role and business below.

The Company & The Role

Digital 51 are exclusively partnered with Healthunlocked as they look to recruit their new Head of Development.

This role is not a new hire, it’s a replacement hire. We share that information as it sits at the heart of the opportunity. The existing Head of Development has been with the business near enough since inception, and now feels it is the right time to move on. This has created the opportunity for the role to change and take a new shape moving forwards.

This role as you will see below has effectively been re-shaped to cover the three areas, and opportunities which Development represent to Healthunlocked.

Facet one is for the Head of Development to still have a passion and desire to be at the cutting edge of development and pure coding themselves. The second element of this role is to be a fantastic, effective, and clear leader to the already established Development team. The final part of the role is to provide a strategic insight into the future Development pathway for Healthunlocked and the how the platform develops from this point.

Want to know more about Healthunlocked? Check out these two fantastic videos below which will bring the business to life.

in this role you will

  • Collaboratively develop high-level product and technical specifications, and ensure they appropriately address functionality, system integration, security, performance, and feasibility.
  • Define and ensure the use of appropriate technology, workflow, and coding standards.
  • Oversee and manage all operational aspects of cloud architecture, including planned maintenance, upgrades, performance monitoring, and incident response.
  • Provide third line/escalation support during office hours and for Out of Hours (OoH) support.
  • Ensure appropriate information security processes are implemented and maintained.
  • Assist with completing vendor security and risk assessments for clients.
  • Work closely with senior management on all technology-related business needs and determine staffing and resource needs.

to be successful person

Has the ability to apply appropriate, cost-effective technology solutions to business problems.

Has demonstrated technical acumen.

Has worked with some of, if not all pf these technologies; HTML/CSS, React, Git, AWS, Docker, Infrastructure as Code tools (ideally Terraform), CI/CD tools.

Has proven experience with all stages of the agile software development lifecycle.

Has experience architecting, developing, testing, and supporting Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

Has experience implementing and maintaining continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and associated DevOps tooling and practices (e.g., Infrastructure as Code, observability, rapid feedback loops).

Understand and can demonstrate excellent communication skills both written and verbal.



Annual salary up-to £100,000 per year.

Annual bonus of up-to £10,000 per year.

Fully remote working.

Technology that has a real impact - What Healthunlocked users say about the platform.

Next steps ...

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