Digital 51 is excited to confirm Foodhub as the latest business to embrace the digital recruitment agency as their newest talent partner.

Digital 51 continue to on-board new recruitment partnerships with organisations who want to grow their teams, in the right way, during what is described by many as the toughest recruitment market in a generation. This latest partnership signed with Foodhub is one Digital 51 are extremely excited about, as it’s a ‘complete solution.’ This latest partnership will see Digital 51 provide talent solutions across all three of the agencies core areas of focus; Product, Design, and Development.

The partnership is a crucial next move for, Foodhub, a business that is looking to build out their UK offering. Digital 51 will be working closely with a newly established UK talent team, created to help Foodhub scale the business. Both parties feel the partnership model was the perfect solution to Foodhub, who want to not only grow their teams, but also gain invaluable market in-sight, and provide support to their in-house talent team.

The partnership with Foodhub is a fantastic example of where the Digital 51 model differs to other recruitment solutions available to organisations. Digital 51 offers a supportive partnership, which compliments the development of an internal team, combined with the delivery of ambitious hiring. This approach was a key part of the attraction for Foodhub to sign with Digital 51.

Foodhub are the type of business Digital 51 loves to partner with; a business with cutting edge technology at the heart of it’s offering, and an industry disruptor. Founded by Ardian Mula in 2017, and voted fourth in the 2021 Northern Tech Awards in 2021, Foodhub has been described as the first business brave enough to take on Just Eat and Deliveroo. Just five years after forming the business, Foodhub are proud to employ over 600 people around the world, and boast an annual turn-over north of £35 million. Not bad for a bootstrapped business, something else they have in common with Digital 51.

In announcing the partnership, Adrienne Howlett, Co-Founder of Digital 51, and the person responsible for securing this partnership said:

‘I am so pleased to sign Foodhub to the Digital 51 partenrship model. We are so excited to support a fast growth, disruptive business, who want to grow in the UK. We know the hiring we will deliver to Foodhub will ensure they have the talent platform which will allow them to build their offering across Western Europe. Super exciting for Digital 51!’

When asked why he chose to partner with Digital 51, Deon Moodley Chief Technology Officer for Foodhub said:

‘Digital 51 just get it! They know what the employer wants. They know what the candidate wants. They make great introductions without getting involved in the volume game. Absolutely love working with them!’

Digital 51 will be supporting hiring across User Experience, React Native, and Node.js Engineering roles in the first phase of this partnership. Richard Kelsall who is leading Foodhub through their internal talent growth could not speak highly enough of Digital 51, when asked why he chose the Digital 51 partnership:

‘When I joined Foodhub I knew exactly what I wanted from an agency and truth be told I knew it was probably unrealistic. However Digital 51 have really proved to be a cut above the rest by helping to improve process, providing outstanding quality and delivering results of the highest standard at a speed I have never seen before. They set the standard for how recruitment should be done.’

Digital 51 are thrilled to confirm another recruitment partnership, and will be sharing more details on the Foodhub project in the coming days.

To find out more about this partnership, or to speak to Adrienne Howlett about how working in partnership could help your business, please e-mail