Whilst things seem to be changing by the hour in the outside world, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you when Digital 51 will be open, and what the team are looking forward to most in the coming weeks.

2021 has been a fantastic year for Digital 51! We are so proud and grateful to everyone who has partnered with the business since we opened our doors in March. Whether it be the suppliers who have driven our ability to work in the way we want, or the businesses and people who have chosen to make the next step in their career with us. It sounds stupid to say, but we obviously could not do it without you, in-fact we would not really have a business without you. Thank you so much, we have loved working with all of you.

2021 has also been a very busy year, as such Adrienne and I made the decision at the end of November that we would definitely shut the business for Christmas. We both believe Christmas is a special time for people to spend in the way that makes them happiest and reflect on the previous 12 months. We also believe the best way to do that is to have some down time from the roller-coaster of recruitment. So, although always a hard decision to shut your business when it’s doing so well, is so busy, and you have never done that before, we are going to close at the end of December 23rd.

Full details of the official opening hours and when you can contact the team are below:

  • Last full day of ‘normal’ opening hours December 23rd 2021
  • Digital 51 will then be closed from December 24th 2021 until January 4th


Possible clarification questions answered.

Q. Why are you not open on December 24th?

A. Christmas Eve is a special day, and we opened Digital 51 to do the things we believe in. We think Christmas Eve is a fantastic day to start the celebrations, have a lie in, go the pub, watch too much TV, or do your Christmas shopping. We don’t think it’s for sitting in work doing a quiz clock watching.

Q. What happens if I need to speak to someone between 24th December and 4th of January?

A. Please feel free to contact Simon on and he will be more than happy to help with any emergencies. He can’t help with how to save your Turkey which has dried out though.


We have spoken to everyone we are partnered with at the moment about our plans, so hopefully the above is not a surprise to anyone!

This week the team are still very much working away like Santa’s Elves, who are trying to get everything done before the big day arrives. So should you need anything at all please reach out as always to the team on

Lastly we wanted to share with you what we are all looking forward to doing with our first proper time off of 2021. For myself, Adrienne, and Craig this will be the first time we have taken more than a few days all year off believe it or not.

I asked everyone what they are looking forward to most during the festive period and this is what they came up with:

  • Lauren: ‘I am looking forward to Christmas Eve. I LOVE Christmas Eve! I’d go as far as to say I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. I can’t wait to have the fire on, Christmas music playing and that first glass of festive bubbly to be poured at some point in the afternoon.’


  • Hollie: ‘I am looking forward to relaxing and unwinding, but I am most looking forward to eating multiple roast dinners, especially my favourite part of the roast dinner which is soft mushy Brussell Sprouts covered in gravy.’


  • Lewis: ‘I am looking forward and most excited about not actually working over the Christmas Period. Ever since I turned 16 I have in one way or another worked Christmas, so I am looking forward to the extended break, not having to work, and just enjoying Christmas.’


  • Kirstie: ‘I am looking forward to having my family from Manchester down for Christmas. It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to see them through the pandemic, so will be amazing to get together and share the festivities.’


  • Craig: ‘I am still a child at heart and I love the magic that surrounds Christmas. I am most looking forward to spending some quality time with my family, the excitement that fills the kids, which also gives me another excuse to eat copious amounts of cheese, which I am always grateful for. Merry Christmas all!’


  • Adrienne: ‘I am excited to turn off the screens for a complete detox. I will be getting the board games out, opening a box of quality street and racing to eat the best ones (purples and greens) before anyone else does! You need to have quick hands in our family.’


And what about me?! Well, I am looking forward to Boxing Day, I always do. I enjoy it much more than Christmas Day, I throw open the doors to the Brown house and welcome friends and family round for a day of sport, a few drinks, and a big Boxing Day ham.

On behalf of myself, Adrienne and all the team at Digital 51, we really would like to thank everyone for their support during what has been another bizarre, crazy, and unpredictable year.

Whatever you are doing over the festive period we hope you manage to relax, unwind, enjoy yourselves, and stay safe.

Merry Christmas from Digital 51!

This article was written by Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51. You can contact Simon on to discuss anything further from this article, or to see how nervous he really is about taking some time out of the business in the coming days!