Look I know describing any situation as a shit-show in a professional environment is less than ideal. I also know this language could offend people, I promise that’s not my intention.

However, when we are talking about the current work landscape it does feel like we have hit shit-show levels.

Let me explain.

Firstly, a shit-show description should not be viewed as me being negative, that is 100% not what I am saying. In-fact I’m arguing the opposite, but just labelling the situation.

I believe this is a fantastic time to consider changing your career, making a career move, or looking to grow your business. The opportunity level has never been higher, and that is a real positive.

All that being said, the war of words and mixed opinions which are so openly shared on the topic of work in a post pandemic world, is making things very messy. Being immersed in the jobs market day in day out, I’m going one step further and saying we are at shit-show levels.

So why am I declaring a shit-show? See my list below of supporting data below:

  1. We have hit unknown territory where the number of live job vacancies in the UK now outstrips the number of people who are actually unemployed.
  2. With inflation now hitting 9%, wages need to rise by at least this level for people to not be effectively taking a pay cut. How is that sustainable for business? Why would people stay in post for a pay-cut, I refer you back to my first bullet point.
  3. Peleton, Netflix, Shopify, all are warnings to what happens when bubbles burst.
  4. It’s OK, just invest more, investment levels from ‘normal people’ has increased in the past two years. Yes, investing in say Crypto is a safe bet.
  5. Crypto is now not a safe bet.
  6. An actual Member of Parliament has stated, the way for those who may be finding bullet point number two an issue can simply work more hours, or move jobs.
  7. There is currently a national pilot program which sees over 3,000 people, across 60 companies taking part in a trial to work FOUR days per week. Unless I am mistaken, this would fall into the less, not more work category.
  8. Lord Sugar thinks everyone should get back to the office, like now.
  9. Microsoft surveyed 61,000 people and found those working at home were less creative and communicated less.
  10. PWC has given 22,000 UK workers the guidance they can finish at 1pm every Friday from June until the end of August.
  11. Airbnb has now let it’s global workforce work from wherever they want.
  12. Google say people who work from home have to take a pay cut.


All 12 of these things have happened not in the last TWO years, TWO decades or even TWO months.

All of these things have happened in the past TWO weeks.

Let’s be honest there are many more examples than just the above 12 conflicting statements out there. I’ve not even mentioned the insight provided by our very own Prime Minister on the matter of working from home. The quality of Boris’s insight about cheese consumption surely provided us all with extra confidence that we are in the right hands? Can I check though, has anyone asked him about the lactose intolerant people out there? What about the vegan’s? What about the people who just don’t like cheese Boris?! Are these people just walking to and from the fridge aimlessly?

Come on, it’s a shit-show and you know it.

I thought BREXIT would be one of the most divisive issues I would see in my lifetime, however just over two years down the line and working patterns and wages is fast approaching that level.

So, what is the solution to this confused rhetoric? How can you survive the shit-show and thrive in a world of extreme views I hear you ask?


Partner with a business sat in the heart of the current chaos, who is honest enough to say it like it is, and passionate about working to find the right solution, for you. Not for PWC, not for Netflix, not for Peleton, not for Boris, not for Lord Sugar, but for you.

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