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Hello and welcome to the Digital 51 home of all things Product.

My name is Adrienne Howlett, I am the Co-Founder of Digital 51, and I am passionate believer in Product Partnerships. I lead our Product team within Digital 51, and also Founded out Product 51 Community in 2021, but more on that later. 

Since opening Digital 51 in March of 2021 the team and I have immersed ourselves in the world of Product. We are passionate about working with scaling businesses that are looking for access to the best people, resources, and solutions, to deliver the most innovative Products in the world.

We also love working with people who are passionate about Product Management, Design, and Ownership, but more importantly like to collaborate. We believe, like many who work in Product, that collaboration sits at the heart of success. 

Product roles are some of the most in-demand in the UK. Whether you be a business looking to grow your team, and struggling to identify, engaged, and attract the right talent or someone considering their furture options, the team are here to help and guide you.

At Digital 51 we don’t believe in just putting a bum on the seat you need to hire, and we don’t believe in forcing people into roles they won’t be happy in. 

How do we demonstrate this? Simple, we guarantee every hire that you complete in partnership with Digital 51 for 12 weeks. 

What does that mean in reality? 100% of the recruitment fee back, at any point during the first 12 weeks should the person hired not be right for your business.

adrienne howlett co-founder & product partner

what roles do we specialise in hiring for?

Product Designer

Product Manager

Product Owner

Head of Product

Chief Product Officer 

User Experience Designer

User Interface Designer

all roles hired by digital 51 offer

  • 12 week 100% money back guarantee.
  • A specific hiring report with live salary and vacancy date from the last SIX months for your role.
  • Access to our fully digital recruitment process.
  • Pre-start date meet and greet the team session booked for every person you hire.
  • All pre-start date checks completed by Digital 51.
  • First day welcome check for hiring manager and new starter.
  • Post placement review meeting with hiring manager and new starter.
  • Post placement electronic survey – Your chance to feedback to us directly.

more than just recruitment

We believe in true talent partnerships, we are proud to be a progressive talent solutions provider, who can help your business grow.

This belief is demonstrated by the FIVE fantastic products Digital 51 are proud to offer you in the support of your hiring growth:

  • The Product 51 Digital Starter Pack
  • The Digital 51 Key Hire Program
  • The Digital 51 EIGHT week guarantee
  • The Digital 51 Partnership
  • The Digital 51 Start-Up Growth plan

things you might not know about product

Product Manager was rated the most desirable job in 2021 according to Glassdoor.

The average salary for a Product Manager in London is now £75,000, UP 7.7% in the past 12 months.

There are currently 35,000 live and open Product Manager jobs on LinkedIn.

20% of Product Designer roles are now advertised as FULLY REMOTE.

Welcome to the Product 51 Community

In May 2021 Adrienne Howlett launch Product 51 as an online community for people working within Product.

The purpose of Product 51 is create change within the global Product community. How do we aim to do that? By bringing together people with fantastic stories, experiences, and learning experiences, then sharing sharing them openly.

With over 260 active members in the Product 51 community we growing, and developing the community all the time.

We communicate with the community constantly and love the feedback we get from them regarding the content we share. From videos, to podcast recommendations, our now legendary book recommendations, and the equally famous 9 episodes of the Product 51 podcast, we hope to have something for everyone.

Check out an example of the content we put out in the video below. In this episode of the Product 51 podcast series Adrienne discusses the pitfalls and success that come with building culture within Product teams with a leading Senior Product Manager.

What out clients say - product hiring caste study

lets talk some more.....

We would love to tell you more about Digital 51, and more about our passionate for Product.

Please reach out to the team by clicking below.