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Welcome to this page which is designed to tell you much more about the recruitment partnership I am currently working on with Sonus PR.

This page is designed to bring Sonus to life, to create a sound that cuts through to you, makes you want to hear more about this business, and opportunity to join them.

I am excited to partner with Sonus PR as they look to attract two new Account Director’s to join their business. One of these hires will be joining their UK team, and one will be joining their team based in the USA.

From the minute I first met Martin Smith, the Founder, and Managing Director of Sonus PR, I wanted to partner with the business. Why? First and foremost it’s Martin, the business he has built, the team he now has in place, and the methodology Sonus believe in. 

Belief is the word that really cuts through to me when working with Sonus. They are a Creative Communications agency, who believe in the way they work, and they live by these beliefs.

I also love the Sonus client base, and client offering, let me tell you more. Their client base is 100% retained which in my experience is pretty much unheard of. Sonus are a B2B Tech agency, but they don’t partner with any technology brands, they love deep technology brands, who are influencing how we could live our lives in the future.

All of this I believe is seriously cool.

Hopefully through the rest of this page you will see and hear examples which bring all of this to life for you.

Keep scrolling, honestly it will keep getting better.

The Company & The Role

Sonus PR are looking for an Account Director, let me tell you some more:

– Account Director

– Fully remote working

– Salary up-to £80,000

Sonus are looking for a PR and communcations professional who lives for client relations. Someone who can pull a team together to produce market leading campaigns, and someone who is passionate about data led strategies.

Why should you be excited by the prospect of joining Sonus PR right now? The business has doubled their revenue in the past 18 months. They have a remote first working ethos which preceeds the change enforced on many by Coivd 19. They also have a team based in the United States, offering truly golbal solutions.

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the video below where Martin Smith, Founder of Sonus outlines why he thinks now is a great time to join the business. Also why not check out Simon Brown of Digital 51 outlining the interview process for this role.

Job Role & Responsibilities

  • Take personal responsibility for the success of the brands and clients that you lead.
  • Manage the weekly (or otherwise) calls with your clients, using an up-to-date ‘Planning’ view of activities to clients.
  • Assign work to your team mates through our task management system.
  • Ensure all deadlines are hit in the delivery of agreed campaigns, whilst ensuring quality is never compromised.
  • Maintain the client Playbook for your team, so that with everything you learn about or for the client can be committed to memory to help raise our collective intelligence and efficiency.
  • Use Sonus Analytics and Campaign Reviews (in-house analytics) strategically to ensure that your client campaigns are successful and to find and deal with any emerging problems or opportunities early.

The Successful person

  • Leads through collaboration, and loves pulling a team together.
  • Is excited to learn the new systems and processes whilst drive the Sonus PR client offering.
  • Wants to assure that your clients gain and maintain domination of mindshare in the fields that they operate in.
  • Knows their role is to act as a guardian for your clients’ reputation and their chances of business success.
  • Is brave enough, knowing they have the backing of Sonus PR to strongly recommend against activities or messages that would damage the client.
  • Loves staying ahead of the cultural and technology curve to keep up to date on trends and stories related to your clients’ businesses.


Salary up-to £80,000 per year.

A fully remote working contract.

25 days annual leave plus Bank Holidays.

Examples of Sonus client in the news

Sonus ensures orbex takes off with launch of new rocket

Next steps ...

I hope you have enjoyed the information you have found on this page, but more importantly I hope you now want to hear more.

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