Following months of work, research, late nights, planning, talking, editing and re-editing we are beyond excited to confirm the launch of the Product 51 Podcast with the release of episode 1.

The Product 51 Podcast sits at the heart of Product 51, a community for people working across the world of Product who want to create change. The release of episode 1 today is a proud day for Digital 51 and in particular Adrienne Howlett.

The podcast was designed and created by Adrienne Howlett, founder of Product 51. The purpose of the podcast is simple; bringing to life collaborative interviews with those who have experienced and walked the walked during their careers within Product to help others. Adrienne will interview a range of people from Heads of Product to Chief Product Officers working within some of the most exciting organisations around the world.

No punches will be pulled, no questions will be left unanswered as those who take part look to share their experiences, guidance and insider knowledge on the subjects which matter the most.

Whether you be considering a career in Product or someone who is feeling they have reached the digital plateau, the Product 51 podcast is designed to be the light at the end of your tunnel. If all else fails, we hope to at least show you a tunnel exists!

The first episode of The Product 51 Podcast sees Adrienne interview Lucinda Faucher, Head of Product for BigHand, a leading global software business. Adrienne asks Lucinda what she believes are the key differences with the roles of Product Owner and Product Manager, two of the most popular careers within Product.

Check out the podcast to hear Lucinda’s journey through Product, what she has learned, the advice she gives to those looking to choose their route within Product and how she went on to launch her own successful podcast; The Prodcast.


For more information regarding Product 51 or to take part in a Podcast collaboration please contact to speak with a member of the team.