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Every Recruiter has a favourite client they work with, very few however will admit it, they worry about pissing off the other businesses they work with. That’s not the case for me, for me it’s easy, Frank have been my favourite since the minute I started working with them in April 2021. Whether it be finding their Head of Social, or a killer Account Manager, or a short notice Account Director to go in, and make impact. I just love working with them. 

Why do I love working with Frank?

Firstly, they are what their name suggests, they are Frank. They are clear, know what they want, and are open to feedback from external insight. All of it wrapped in a clear and ‘Frank’ recruitment and communication process.

Secondly, and you might call me biased, but they have been the leading PR and Creative Comms agency in the UK for the past TWO decades. 

Based in Farringdon following a move from their previous long term home in Camden Town, just walking into the Frank workspace inspires me. All ideas are created internally, all creative is created internally, they are the complete masters of their own destiny and I love them for that.

Frank is also fiercely different, determined to push the boundaries of what is acceptable, achievable, and successful. Beans on Weetabix? Who else would have come up with that? It went on to win 7 awards in 6 days. That is what Frank about about.

This current piece of recruitment again shows how they differ, as they don’t just want to add a Publicist to their ranks. Frank want someone who can help them embrace the power of Talkability. 

Frank inspires by creating a buzz for their clients, creating talking points; this is Talkability. They would love to add someone with fantastic Publicity and PR skills to their business, who can really embrace Talkability across ALL of their clients.

This role is a first for Frank, the first time they are unleashing the potential to engage all of their brands with the newest, coolest, and most creative ideas to get the brand noticed.

This page is designed to tell you much more about a business I believe are a fantastic place to work with a fantastic opportunity to join them.


The Company & The Role

I am looking for someone who is passionate about gaining publicity and PR for their clients.

Someone who will thrive from joining the immensely talented team at Frank, to help drive that all-important Talkability® for ideas and campaigns.

A truly once in a lifetime career opportunity to not just take on a fantastic new role, but to do so for, ‘the London creative comms agency.’ This role will also work across all Frank’s clients, be that Consumer, Corporate, or Social.

Who are Frank?

An independent, straight talking, no-nonsense agency based in bustling Farringdon. Frank by name and frank by nature. What you see is what you get. They specialise in end to end creative solutions via four practice areas: consumer, corporate, social & influencer, corporate sustainability ESG & purpose.

Frank believe ideas should be worth talking about. Ideas with Talkability® that live in earned, owned and paid media and are designed to take over on social. Frank partner with many amazing brands including Weetabix, Huawei, KIND, TheFork, G2 eSports and White Claw to name a few. 

Want to know more about Frank? Check out the video below of the work they did recently with Gary Linekar. You will can also find a video of Graham Goodkind, owner of Frank talking about where Talkability® came from, and why it’s the driving force of Frank’s success.


in this role you will

Create content and copy with the voice, personality and ability to tailor your output to the brand Frank are partnered with.

Be responsible for working across all Frank brands and clients, you will have true access to the kingdom of Frank – AMAZING!

Be responsible for getting the best possible coverage of these brands, and ideas across all forms of media.

Work hand in glove with the social team, as we all know social matters….ALOT!

Work with external media partners to ‘sell in’ ideas and get coverage.

You will lead and inspire others to use their contacts to ensure an even wider coverage of campaigns and idea.

Hold close relationships with journalists who can make things happen on behalf of Frank’s brands.

Look for opportunities everywhere. 

The person I am looking for

Has a knack for storytelling and is a keen copywriter.

Has a fierce determination when it comes to selling in, and pitching to the media. Not stopping until every targeted stone is turned meaning all the right tongues are wagging

Has a fantastic knowledge of the media landscape.

Has a strong base of personal contacts spanning verticals and worlds.

At the forefront when it comes to media movers and new joiners.

A restlessly inquisitive individual who’s culturally plugged in always learning, listening, reading and experiencing in life, across social and media.


An annual salary of up-to £50,000 per annum

Flexible working hours.

Unlimited holidays.

Socials including the world famous ‘Froscars,’ a summer and winter away day company funded trip.

All the normal stuff; pension, cycle to work scheme, free fruit, breakfasts, and in office ‘pick n mix.’

You get pick n mix where you work now right? Who does not want pick n mix in their life 

Want to know why brands love Frank?

Sum Frank up in a video? That’s a hard task, but personally I just love that they created this video for Aldi staff, at a time when we were all feeling a bit under pressure in work. Frank has it’s finger on the pulse of how the nation is feeling, something which is key in this new role.

Warm, fluffy feeling coming….press play and you’ll see!

What are Frank famous for now? More awards obviously!

Next steps ...

What a role.

What an opportunity.

What a business.

What are you waiting for?

Click below, and speak to me, Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51, and Frank fanatic to find out more.