About us

Digital transformation recruitment with a purpose.

Can you remember your first time?

It happens at different times for different people, but there is a moment for all of us, a moment when it hits. A moment when the technological lightning strikes us, we see the true power of technology and what it can achieve. How these innovations change our lives. 

This is the basis of where Digital 51 came from. 

The technological world is changing, we believe it’s being replaced by the digital world. Digital is everywhere. Digital is the present and the future all at the same time. Digital is equal parts weakness and threat if not properly understood. Digital is equal parts strength and opportunity when in the right hands. Digital is powerful in the hands of the right people.

Digital 51 is a recruitment business in old terminology, but we are much more than that in the new world. Digital 51 is a talent partnership which sits at the heart of the digital space. We have a fascination, passion and obsession for product, creative and technology industries. At Digital 51 we have beliefs. We believe the work carried out in the digital world changes the way we live in our world. We believe our business can succeed as an organisation which delivers real social purpose as a profit-making entity. We have a belief to always be ourselves. A belief that doing the basics brilliantly matters, really matters in-fact. We have a belief that loyalty to support not only each other, but those who we choose to partner with and who choose to partner with us is integral to our existence.

Where did Digital 51 come from?

There was one idea, an idea from a belief system, a passion that borders onto obsession for our Founder. Digital 51 was founded to show what people are capable of when they exist for more than just financial gain. We make profit and we will always make profit, but it is not what drives us, it is not at the heart of ‘the idea.’
Our idea is simple. We believe in people, our people, our team, our partners, and we know that our business is safest in their hands. Digital 51 was founded on the idea that the business will ultimately be employee owned, but we want to go further. Our Founder Simon Brown has committed to giving the business away to the Digital 51 team at the end of our eleventh year. No small print, no clauses, come March 2032 Digital 51 will be given to its workforce and those who have built its success. That idea was bought into by two others who turned it into a living breathing thing; they are our Co-Founders Alex Hall and Adrienne Howlett. The passion and vision of these three people hooked two more people who believe the same thing; they make our team Craig Fenn and Lauren Parsons. They are Digital 51.

What is the idea?

We are Digital 51. We love digital.
We would love to show you more.