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It can often sound like a cliche to hear about businesses that was formed by an owner who ‘had nothing’ and built if from the ground up. It is not until you look inside Foodhub you see what this really means. Foodhub was the idea of Ardian Mula, who taught himself to code on a laptop that was handed down to him.

Ardi is passionate about community, supporting small business owners within the hospitality to grow their business and help them to compete against the top takeaway, restaurant, and food service brands. Foodhub is a consumer-focused technology platform, that is what makes is so popular. Combined with this consumer-focused approach Foodhub also charges ZERO commission to users which means they get all the benefits of the service, for FREE.

Digital 51 are proud to partner with Foodhub as they now enter what can only be described as hyper-growth mode. Foodhub currently has a business offering and team which spans the globe. This current growth project is about building out the UK team further.

We have partnered with Foodhub across all areas of Digital growth, however today we would love to tell you more about the growth within their Product teams. We have partnered with Foodhub across Product Management, User Insights and UX architecture, over the coming months this team will be forming to work with Ardi and the senior leadership team to action user insights into new Product features and improved user flows.

If you want to work in a hypergrowth scaleup which has a huge amount of data and insights which need to be actioned, then talk to us about Foodhub.

The Company & The Role

Foodhub are a global technology platform which makes ordering your favourite food wherever you are; home, the office, or out with friends easier than it has ever been. 

A consumer focused offering is driven by one thing; the power of it’s technology to deliver.

Foodhub are in hyper-growth mode and as part of that growth we are looking for a team of Product Managers, UX architects and User Insights analysts.

Foodhub currently has a global staffing based, with the UK headquarters in the heart of the North-West of England. These hires will see a commitment from the CEO to grow the UK Product team throughout 2022 and beyond.

We are looking for User Insights analysts, Product Managers and UX architects.

As a User Insights analyst you will be advising the Product team on how to improve the current platform through data points and insights, this is a brand new team where you will have the scope to implement how insights are gathered and shared with the business.

As a UX Architect you will be working with Foodhub’s users to build out user personas and identify the user needs, this will enable your UX team to completely redesign the architecture of their consumer facing platform.

As a Product Manager you will work end to end to ensure that this business is growing through Product and support their journey into becoming a Product led business, you will be informing the UK development teams work with the support of your user insights and UX architecture teams.

Click below to see Adrienne Howlett talking to Deon Moodley CTO at Foodhub, and also a further video to find out more about the Foodhub offering.

User insight Analyst < £65,000

As a user insights analyst you will work cross functionally to inform and improve commercial strategy.

You will be able to anticipate the needs of the business through market and data analysis and be able to transfer this into business analysis to inform and support cross functional teams.

You will have worked in an analytical role where you have helped to implement insights tools into a new team ideally in a Saas environment where your Product was consumer facing.

You will have a natural analytical curiousity.

Whether it be by Slack, phone, e-mails, or having a chat, you will have excellent communication skills.

Foodhub is both a family and a team, you will work well autonomosuly and as part of that team.

UX Architect < £70,000

An opportunity to define design in a brand-new team.

You will work from User research to identify areas of improvement and create user centric design using both feedback and data to inform your decision making.

Your designs will balance both functionality with visually appealing design to improve useability and conversion through this consumer facing app.

You will have worked in a Saas business and have been focused on UX design for a minimum of three years, ideally having worked In a high growth business.

You will have a natural creative curiousity.

Whether it be by Slack, phone, e-mails, or having a chat, you will have excellent communication skills.

Foodhub is both a family and a team, you will work well autonomosuly and as part of that team.


                                                                UX Architect – Salary up-to £65,000

                                                             Product Manager – Salary up-to£70,000

                                                         User Insights Analyst – Salary up-to£65,000

Full remote working.

Access to travel to Foodhub locations across the world.

Don't take our word for the power of this tech......

Check out this fantastic feedback from a business which is using and benefiting from partnering with Foodhub. This is the power of the technology you could be working on!

Next steps ...

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