‘We Create Change.’

This is such a simple slogan, and one that I am sure most people when they see me using it on my blogs and post, just roll their eyes and think ‘yep, that’s what every recruitment business says!’ That’s fair comment. Over 16 years in the recruitment and staffing industry, I have to admit, we love a slogan. Especially one within context or meaning.

Yesterday, the team at Digital 51 closed one of the last recruitment partnerships we signed in 2022. A mere 40 days, 37 if you take out the time in-between Christmas and New Year, after we started working on the project, it was completed.

This partnership has created change within the business we are recruiting for. This project is the working case-study for why I believe businesses looking to grow, should work in partnership with a recruitment business. This blog is designed to ‘share all’ so that you can understand why we truly believe Digital 51, Creates Change.

Over 12 months ago Digital 51 started a recruitment and talent partnership with Tech for Good start-up Tranquiliti. Tranquiliti are a classic Digital 51 client, or customer as most of the recruitment world would refer to them. For us Tranquiliti are a classic partner, why?

  • Tranquiliti was formed 4 years ago and has operated as a bootstrapped start-up until 2022.
  • Tranquiliti were an inbound query to Digital 51 in 2021. They were looking for recruitment support, and wanted to work with a business which was different, and could support them grow.
  • Tranquiliti is a web and mobile based software business, which is centred on improving the learning experience of children, in school throughout their working life. The definition of Tech for Good for us.
  • Tranquiliti are a digitally Product led business.
  • Tranquiliti’s tech stack is based on the JavaScript programming language.
  • In late 2022 Tranquiliti received a game-changing investment from TeS. This investment will take the business to the next level and allowed them to begin to scale the next round of their recruitment.


Following successful hiring for Tranquiliti throughout the summer of 2022, on the 10th of November 2022 we were approached about a further recruitment project.


The project?

  • 4 hires, across Design and Development.
  • All permanent.
  • All candidates needed to be willing to work on a hybrid basis in London.
  • All candidates needed to be offered roles within 90 days to allow Tranquiliti to hit their deadlines.


Once again Digital 51 outlined a partnership project for Tranquiliti that would see us take them from scoping to solutions. However, this time we had the ambition to complete all of it within half of the agreed timescale; 45 days. Why? Because we knew the faster Tranquiliti get the right people, the faster they can improve their service offering, and children’s lives will be changed.

We Create Change.

A project was agreed, signed and implemented by close of play on November the 10th. The project saw fixed payments from Tranquiliti made to Digital 51 during the agreed 3 month period, not fees based on outcome. Tranquiliti were investing in Digital 51, so we would invest in them.

  • Fast forward 40 days and all 4 roles have been filled, offers accepted, and start dates agreed, the first of which is next Monday, the 16th of January.
  • 44 days after signing the partnership with Digital 51, the first 2 people will walk through the doors of Tranquiliti and start to make an impact.


Why do I think success in this project has been possible? What processes have taken place which have allowed Digital 51 and Tranquiliti to deliver this success?

I promised ‘share all,’ so below are 4 key deliverables which I think have driven this project to success:

  • From day one Tranquiliti knew what they were looking for:
    • We completed 4 scoping meetings in less than 3 days. This saw us drafting out the roles, requirements, recruitment processes, and people who would fit the requirements. This was not Digital 51 being sent a job description and going to market. This was us, using our recruitment and industry knowledge to provide shape and support.


  • Data, drives outcomes:
    • As part of the Digital 51 partnership we provide a bespoke hiring report which shows average salaries, number of live roles, and trends specific to the location and role you are recruiting. Tranquiliti salaries needed to increase, we knew this, the data proved this. They did, and we succeeded.


  • Modern talent solutions beats old school recruitment 7 days a week and twice on a Sunday:
    • Just SOME of our secret sauce which enable Digital 51 to deliver so quickly:
      • Bespoke outreach
      • Video driven outreach
      • Tailored, engaging and video driven landing pages providing clear information
      • All assets dual branded powered by client interaction – They are part of it!
    • This is the way Digital 51 smashes through the current ‘candidate shortage’ mindset


  • Driving the process, not driving home for Christmas:
    • Over the last 37 days most people have been focused on the festivities, and we get that.
    • However, we had a goal to deliver, so in conjunction with Tranquiliti we both saddled up to do what needed to be done. Mince pies would have to wait.
    • We drove the recruitment process. We pushed for interview dates, we supported people in attending interviews during the train strikes, we worked with Tranquiliti.
    • What does this mean in reality? At midday on Christmas Eve, our final interview for this project in 2022 was taking place, and positive feedback was provided to that person before the fat man dropped down the chimney.


This could be seen as one of the biggest ‘boast blogs’ you have ever read, but you would be missing my point if you saw it like that. Yes, I am proud as punch that I am able to write the above, but that pride comes from the delivery of a belief system.

Over 35% of the revenue Digital 51 made in 2022 came from partnerships like the above. We have offered and delivered partnership recruitment since we opened our doors on March the 1st 2021. Why? Because we knew it was the way to solve modern recruitment challenges for smaller businesses during and exciting, yet challenging time to hire.

I could go on. I would love to go on, but I have made my case. If you don’t believe me, or us, then reach out to George and Aaron the Founders of Tranquiliti. I have purposely not quoted them in this piece, but I have tagged their business, so if you want to speak to them, then do. They are great guys, with a great business, and Digital 51 have just found them 4 great people.

Digital 51 – We Create Change – Fact.

This article was written by Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51. To find out more about how Digital 51 partnerships work, please reach out to Simon on