Where has the time gone?!

It was only the blink of an eye ago we picked up the keys to what would become The Hub for Digital 51. It was only the blink of an eye ago we worried how on earth we would be ready to open on time; the website, office and so much more than I’m not even brave enough to share was nowhere near ready.

One dreadful summer of weather, but one booming summer of recruitment later and Digital 51 has smashed through our six-month anniversary.

How do you even start to summarise the last six months? Easy, a video that is 40 seconds long obviously, you know we love video!

How has the first six months been? Well, if we said wet and wild you would think we were being provocative, but in short that’s it! The weather has been wet, the digital recruitment market, and the response to our entering it has been wild. Quite simply we have exceeded so many of our expectations. Whether it be delivering our first partnership project for multiple perm hires within 3 weeks of opening, to signing over 30 partner clients within the first 6 months. All have blown us away.

Maybe we should not be surprised. It states clear as day on our website, we have beliefs, and those beliefs are driving us. We have a 10 year purpose and that purpose sits at the heart of everything we do. In old money we area recruitment business at the end of the day, and the recruitment market is busy, but we believe it’s more than that.

  • 85% of the businesses who have chosen to partner with Digital 51 have signed to work exclusively with us.

Businesses are tired of the same old approach, they are craving a true relationship, we want the same, it’s a perfect fit. The challenge now? We must deliver on what we say, that is the biggest difference we believe we offer. No bull, just all out action to achieve for those we partner with, ‘clients’ AND ‘candidates.’

Has it all been plain sailing? Oh god no! We’ve had problems, we had arguments and we’ve had disagreements. What’s been most surprising is they have all been internally driven. Maybe it was naive of us to think our challenges would be external, all our challenges have come from within, but we have gotten through them. Sometimes by brutal honesty, sometimes through a time to reflect, but always with the best interest of Digital 51 at heart.

So what’s next? Well that would be telling, but we want to grow. We will talk more about how we are going to grow and again how we are going to be different with that growth starting tomorrow, literally tomorrow. We are also going to do a bit of travelling we think. We can’t say much more at this point, but if we just tease you with the words recruitment partnership, Adrienne Howlett, London, Dubai and New York, then we hope that will keep you interested.

Six months means nothing in the grand scheme of things. In reality we still need to hit our goals for 2021, that is the main focus right now, but we sure as hell are proud as punch that we’ve made it this far.

Keep watching.

This article was written by Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51. To reach out to Simon as you want to be part of our growth or you just have not got the patience to know more about what’s next, drop him a message to