I wonder where you a reading this?

Are you at home? Are you working remotely? Or are you in the office today?

I bet if you have the benefit of flexible/hybrid working, you are not reading this sat in the office.

Why do I ask? Because it’s a Monday.

So? Mondays start the working week for most people Simon, what has the day of the week got to do with anything?

Well initial information, anecdotes and LinkedIn polls will tell you that it seems lots of us are turning into or at least getting ready to be work T.W.a.T’s.

Now, let me be clear. I am not trying to offend anyone with this language, and I am not insinuating anything. I’m stating a fact. There is a chance you might be already be a T.W.a.T.

If you are reading this from home today and that is because you are going into the office tomorrow, then I fear things don’t look good on the T.W.a.T front for you.

What on earth am I on about? Have I now alienated everyone I have ever engaged with professionally?

You know, surely you know?

You are a T.W.A.T if you are part of the new crowd, the hybrid work crowd, the flexible working crowd, the work from home, remotely and office crowd.

Yes, if you do all of this on a Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, then I am afraid by default you are a T.W.a.T.

It turns out given the choice to work remotely on certain days of the week, many of us choose to do that on a Monday and Friday. Whoever would have thought, if given the chance it would just so happen that we would be more productive if allowed to work from home on the day which just happens to fall either side of the weekend?

I am being provocative here and clearly I am talking tongue in cheek, but it seems already that many, if not most people who are working 3 days a week across a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the office.

What a bunch of T.W.a.T’s we have become. Let’s be honest we did not fight it much and you could argue some even pushed for it. It’s their right to be a T.W.a.T don’t you know?

As long as you and the business are working within are benefiting from this new turn of events then more fool everyone who quite frankly is not a T.W.a.T. They are seriously missing out.

Watch out for my next post on Thursday (which is effectively your Friday in the office,) when I will outline my thoughts on classic T.W.a.T behaviour. You’ll see at this point how far down the rabbit hole you have fallen already.

This article was written by Simon Brown, Founder of Digital 51 and for the first time in his life someone who can hand on heart say he is not a T.W.a.T. To share your thoughts on this article, drop Simon a message on