On May the 10th I will launch a new community for people working, passionate and interested in all things Product. On May 10th Product 51, something I have been working on since before we launched Digital 51 comes to life. 


The launch of Product51 will see me bring experienced individuals from across the digital space together with those who want to progressbegin, or develop theirProduct journey. Product 51 is designed to exist as a community whose soul purpose is to share knowledge and support to it’s members. 


Why am I doing this? 

 I believe Product is the bridge between technology and people, two things which I am immensely passionate about.I love every aspect ofProduct;the market, the organisations I get to partner with and the people who deliver amazing products, which change the way we live. More than this, I love the learning which happens across Product.I have never worked with a group of people whoareas engaging and nurturing to each otheras people within Product.It isthis learning and knowledge that I want to share, togiveback. 


Why now?  

  • GlassdoorpredictedProduct to be thenumber onerated job in the UKfor 2021, the demand to join Product is huge. 
  • To excel in Product now,youmuststand out. 
  • Product roles vary company to company,sharing experiences with those you trust makes a huge difference. 
  • Product is still evolving, the roleis initsinfancy, we can shape the industry as a collective. 
  • The route you can take into Product is just as diverse as the skills needed to be successful.Let usshare all those skills with others who can benefit from them. 


We launch on May 10th2021and over the course of the next few weeks will be triallingsome of the exciting things to come and how you will benefit from joining the Product 51 community. 


What next? 

We need you! To make this community the best it can be I would love to hear from those working in Product right now. If you would like to share yourexperience or join thecommunity,please reach out on 

Post by Adrienne Howlett, Co-Founder and Product Partner at Digital 51. Reach out to Adi on