Another month and another new initiative from the team at Digital 51! This time Simon is stepping into the fray to chase down his passion for our use of video, video, video. You might have heard, Simon thinks video should sit at the heart of Digital 51. Whether we be talking about the current lay of the digital landscape and the impact this is having on talent, or telling you about the great partnerships and candidates we are working with. We want to do all of it by video.

So Simon is kicking off a 12 week video campaign on Friday the 10th of September called the ‘sit tight sessions.’ Check out the trailer below:

So what are the Sit Tight Sessions? We caught up with Simon and asked him, This is what he had to say.

‘The sit tight sessions are a chance for me to talk about things which we are speaking about with our partner clients, candidates and each other as a discussion starter.’

Come on Simon, we need more than that, are these just your chance to rant?

‘Ha ha, guilty. Well a little bit. I have worked across recruitment for a long time and honestly I think things are brilliant across the digital space right now, but there is so much going on. I really just want to kick off a debate and discussion and hope short videos will help do that.’

So what are you going to talk about?

‘Ha ha, watch this space, well my LinkedIn page space and you’ll see!’

We have not seen the final cut of any of these videos, as Simon is keeping this all pretty hush hush, but we love the look of the trailer, we LOVE the soundtrack and we can’t wait to see what Simon has up his sleeve.

The Sit Tight Sessions will run and be issued on a Friday morning across LinkedIn, so keep you eye on Simon’s and the Digital 51 LinkedIn pages to hear and see what Simon has to say.