Wednesday the 29th of September.

This is not us getting the date wrong by some 6 weeks, this was when we said the below in an exciting business update:

‘You may have recently seen the updates from Simon and the team as they celebrated our first international project, which was delivered by Craig Fenn. This was an acorn, and actually just us helping out a London based client who had an international problem. Does that make us international super-heroes?! We’ll let you decide that.’

So things have moved on during the past 6 weeks.

The first acorn was a Technology project delivered by Craig into Europe.

The second acorn was a Senior Product project delivered by Adrienne into Dubai.

The third…………..

What, wait, there is a third international project?!

Yes there is!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce Digital 51 has been engaged for a third time in as many months, to deliver against another international recruitment project.

This project is seriously impressive! Craig Fenn will once again be leading as it’s a Technology driven project, we could not be happier.

A scaling Health-Tech business with a global product which was created to improve access to those in need of mental health support and resources, is looking for a Chief Technology Officer.

Our client is looking for a consultant to work with the Founder of the business on a large project. This project will oversee the transition of the existing Tech team from an out-source model to establish an in-house team.

The business, which is currently moving their headquarters to Dubai is looking for talent from London, Dubai or San Francisco, once again taking Digital 51 into a global talent search.

This project is exciting not just because of the international nature, the brilliance of the product, the drive of the founder, but because there is a genuine business ownership opportunity for the right person. Our client is looking for someone to consult on the project, but to then consider joining the ownership structure of the business moving forwards.

Talk about exciting, this is seriously exciting; international, health tech. start-up, existing product, and business ownership opportunity!

Talking about the project win, Craig Fenn said:

‘I am so excited to be taking on another international project. The opportunity to enter the US market looking for the best Tech talent to help my client is such an exciting prospect.’

Digital 51 are beyond pleased to have secured another opportunity to grow our business internationally in one of our core market areas.

For more information on this project please reach out to Craig on