Product 51, a community driven to create change across those working in the Product world, which launched in May of 2021, now brings you Meaningful Meetups. This series of in person events will see 4 fantastic events take place over the course of 2022, with the first date now confirmed for this coming April.

What is Product 51 really about, really trying to achieve? Creating change sounds great, but what does that mean in reality!? Product 51 is a community which brings together those people who have experienced success, failure, challenge, and opportunity across their careers in Product, with others who are starting their own journey.

In short Product 51 is a give back community.

When I launched Product 51, I always wanted it to be people led, I always wanted face to face meetups between like minded people. Why? Because that is where I see Product professionals at their best, plus I love the interaction of people meeting in a more relaxed environment to share ideas.

Over the past year everything we have delivered through Product 51; the podcasts, the videos, the book recommendations, the articles, all, like many aspects of life, have taken place digitally.

Now though, it’s time to MEETUP! Meaningful Meetups is the face to face reality of the Product 51 community.

Our aim is to host 4 Meaningful Meetups throughout 2022, and for these sessions to be purpose driven, engaging, Product inspired events. Yes, we want to get people together, yes we want to meet people for the first time in person, and yes we want to socialise a little as a community, but most importantly we want every meetup to have meaning, to be a truly Meaningful Meetup.

So, when, where, what, and how, I hear you ask?

What I can tell you at this point is that the first event is booked for the evening of April the 26th 2022, in London, and it will be a co-hosted event.

We are thrilled to partner with a fantastic technology business which has been part of the Product 51 community since the early days. We have some fantastic speakers lined up, and we can confirm the topic for the evening;

How to be a Product role model.

It was so important for us to launch the first Meaningful Meetup on a topic as closely aligned to the purpose of our community as possible, this feels perfect.

Speakers, breakout conversations, networking, and don’t tell anyone, but some nice refreshments too. This really is going to be a fantastic evening for the Product 51 community to come together for the first time.

Personally, I cannot wait to meet everyone in person! I have enjoyed every moment of building our podcast series with people who have a shared vision within Product, but TEAMS is not the same as in person. Meaningful Meetups will fix that. I am excited to start our new journey into the world of in person events, and I am most excited to be able to support networking amongst the Product community in a fun and engaging way.

We are working on some innovative ways to support people who may be new or nervous to attending face to face events, meetups, or the dreaded world of ‘professional networking.’ Don’t worry, we are going to create the environment which Product 51 is based upon; open, supportive, safe, engaging, inspiring, and fun.

Next week I will be announcing more details of the event, the organisation we are partnering with, and how you can get a ticket to this star studded first meetup, so keep your eyes on the community for more details.

For those who are not members of Product 51 yet, or would like to find out more about the event, please give us a follow HERE. You’ll then be part of the orange, yellow, and white wave of change we call Product 51.

Meaningful Meetups launches on Tuesday April 26th in London. We hope to see you there.

This article was written by Adrienne Howlett, Product Partner and Founder of Product 51. To hear more about Product 51, or to connect with Adrienne to discuss her passion for all things Product, please drop her a line on