This week (specifically March 1st) marks one year since we opened the doors at Digital 51! One year since we all sat down for our very first huddle and shared our year one goals, ambitions, and dreams.

Since March 1st 2021, I make it over 250 huddles, probably a similar amount of cafetieres – Digital 51 is powered by good coffee only! We’ve enjoyed a summer social, a Christmas party and who knows how much video content we have completed in that year. The anniversary would also mark one year since I wrote my first ever blog about the opportunity I had in front of me. Remember, this article about quitting my job in the middle of a pandemic to join a start-up?

Did everything turn out exactly how we planned on day one?

  • Absolutely not.

Did we expect it to?

  • No, we did not.

Will everyone who was here on day one, be here to celebrate our success on day 365?

  • Sadly, no, but for all the right reasons.


But and this is a BIG BUT, we have so many things to be proud of from year one in the business. Things may not have turned out exactly how we planned; but that’s because you know what, we actually did better than we thought, I’m going to say it, we did GREAT!

Here are a few highlights from our first year:

  1. We didn’t want to be all about the money, and we are not:

The reality is we do have financial goals and ambitions, but these do not define us. I am so proud to say we delivered our year one financial goal, not because of the money we have made, but the fact we are investing that money in the future of the company.

  1. We wanted to grow the team, we did it earlier than planned:

OK, so those people have not worked out as we wanted, but we were aggressive and determined, and we went for it. Fail fast, and learn is something we don’t just say, but live by.

  1. London called, again earlier than expected:

We have opened a second office, an office in the heart of the Digital London space, this is future proofing our business. We were only able to do this because of our year one success.

  1. We wanted to be community led, and we are:

Adrienne launched her Product Community – Product 5, and at the point on writing this has 261 members, plans are in place for the first in person event, she launched 9 podcasts and 27 video’s, all to sit at the heart of that community.

  1. Content, content, content, boy are we all about the CONTENT:

Seriously we’ve had everything from market reports, trends, and data to butt plugs, videos, and controversy. We wanted to be content led and we are. The biggest success in this? We are all on the content train.

  1. New York, New York:

Name a start-up recruitment business who had a year one New York City incentive trip? Digital 51! On April the 8th I will be one of the people going on it. See you in the BIG APPLE!


When reflecting I know it is important to look at where you could improve , what we could have done differently, but sometimes it is all so easy to get hung up on these things. We have to  celebrate the successes. We have succeeded! Digital 51 is further along than anyone would have taken on day one, when five people with nothing but laptops and a dream walked into a place we call the Hub.

On day one we spoke about the business we wanted to be, and the way we wanted to work, I am so proud we have certainly done it our way.

On a personal note, I need to give Digital 51 a thank you. A thank you for the freedom, not just a word, not just the definition of the number 51, but the reality which has allowed me to collect my son from school more often than ever before. A freedom to be there for my family through some tough personal moments in the past year. A freedom to be me.

Happy 1st birthday to Digital 51, the first of many.

This article was written by Craig Fenn, Product Partner and king of positivity at Digital 51. To speak to Craig, and hear more about how he managed to bag his up-coming trip to New York City please drop him a line on